New Rule for martial arts: The Your Kung Fu is Weak (YKFIS) Rule.

A martial artist is any character that has the Unarmed knowledge of the Fighting skill. They may have other knowledges of martial arts beyond Unarmed. The martial arts value is the character’s Unarmed knowledge plus any sub-knowledges of Unarmed.


Any martial artist can use this rule. If it is invoked, the the character in the fight with the lowest martial arts value will roll two extra dice for combat for the duration of the fight.


Anytime a martial artist is fighting one or more opponents in a martial arts fight (no guns, etc.) they can declare the use of this rule if they are the character with the highest “Martial Arts” knowledge. The Martial Arts Knowledge is calculated purely by adding Unarmed and the highest appropriate sub-knowledges. When the use is declared, ask if every player agrees; this covers the case where the player who declared the rule is not the player who should have.

Normally a martial arts duel is an opposed task

To resolve one round of a martial arts duel.
Difficult (3D) < (Str or Dex) + Fighting + Unarmed
Opposed (up to 5). Resolves one round of the duel; loser is out and has 2D hits.

However, when the YKFIW rule is invoked, the player with the highest Martial Arts can add a number of dice to the roll equal to or less than the difference between their Martial Arts and the Martial Arts of the weaker character.

Yes, this makes it more difficult for everybody in the fight, and is an attempt to separate out the weaker from the stronger.


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