Traveller Modifications

These are the modifications of the Traveller 5 beta rules with which I’m running this game. The Traveller 5 beta rules are available at with more recent versions available to those who have the disk at

  1. All characters should take “Imperial Service”. This is two terms in a military service (Soldier, Spacer, Agent, or Marine) or three terms in other Imperial Services (Scout, Functionary). During this period, no reenlistment rolls are needed nor may you be kicked out (if injured too much, you will be demoted to the lowest rank possible and serve out your period of service with no chance of promotion.
  2. The dating system has 360 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour, and 100 seconds in a minute. The date is four digits of year – three digits of day, and the start of the Phoenix Empire is PE 0000-000. The year is sometimes divided into 12 months of 30 days, usually for financial reasons.
  3. Character creation will be done via negotiation between the player and the GM. Interesting character concepts are encouraged and rewarded. If you do want to roll up your character using T5 rules, you can do the following:
    • Roll 2D6 7 times for the characteristics. Drop one and place the others where you want to.
  4. If you wish to increase a skill over 6, you must take or increase a knowledge of this skill first. Then you may alternate between increasing the skill, and increasing a knowledge of this skill. For instance, if you have Fighter-6 and want to increase, you must first take a knowledge of the skill, say Beams-1, then next time you can increase Fighter, you can add one to Fighter so that you have Fighter-7, Beams-1. Next increase goes to a knowledge, so it could look something like Fighter-7, Beams-2. You may just increase the skill on your character sheet if you aren’t familiar with the knowledges associated with that skill.
  5. Psionics is similar but different. I’m still working on this. Most people have absolutely no psionic power, and this gives them a certain resistance against direct psionics.
  6. All skill have specialties, called knowledges in T5. Driving skills have a knowledge called “maintenence” which allows the individual to do basic maintenence and repairs. For more difficult repairs there are other skills.
  7. Low passage is extremely safe, as long as the passenger has no sensitivity to the technique; there is an easy test which any medic should know. If the person fails the test, then he dies on a roll of 12 on 2d6. Normally people will only die on a roll of 36+ on 6d6 (+1 DM for End < 5). However, popular opinion is that low passage (stasis) is extremely dangerous.
  8. An Air/Raft is a General Utility Floater. Most “cars” are floaters of some sort rather than “Grav”. The equivalent of a GCarrier IMTU is a “Carrier”.
  9. I don’t have the Grav Belt, but I do have “float boards” which can do much the same things, including the speed if you get the right board with thrusters and are a bit insane. There are thruster packs, which look like the old fashioned rocket packs. There is a chute, which is a belt with some weak grav-nodes that will slow one down better than a parachute.
  10. New Rule for martial arts: The Your Kung Fu is Weak (YKFIS) Rule.
  11. Programming is a Knowledge of Computer. It is a special knowledge in that you must have at least one level of this in order to program computers without a hefty penalty.

Additional Skills: I really tried hard to not create any new skills, but I had to here.

  1. Analyst: The skill of looking through multiple sets of data. The Analyst can value the data (either for sale or for prioritization purposes). The Analyst can draw conclusions from the multiple sets of data that are not present in any single set.

The big thing is to have fun!

Traveller Modifications

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