T5 Skills

T5 Skills and how I write them

This is a house rule. In T5 official there are no subknowledges. I created subknowledges because Knoledges are limited to 6, and how would be get a doctorate in Physics without subknowledges or specialties as some people call them. For example, you study the Physics Knowledge until it gets to 6, then specialize with a sub-knowledge such as Particle Physics, then specialize even more into Quark Physics.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m inconsistent. I write skills and their knowledges and subknowledges oddly. I should have thought it out and used a consistent method.

If, after reading this, people want me to change how skills are written, send me a PM. As soon as I get 4 votes, I’ll change the system.

I’ll explain how I do this now. It all goes back to the Task System. The Skills and Knowledges are the S + C part of the equation.

Right now I write this as:

The basic cases:

  • Skill_1
    Skill_1 has no current Knowledge associated with it.
  • Skill_2, Knowledge_2_1, Knowledge_2_2
    Skill_2 has two Knowledges associated with it, and the player can use
    Skill_2 OR
    Skill_2 + Knowledge_2_1 OR
    Skill_2 + Knowledge_2_2
  • Skill_3, Knowledge_3_1 (Subknowledge_3_1_A)
    Skill_3 has one direct Knowledge associated with it, and this knowledge has one subknowledge and the player could use
    Skill_3 OR
    Skill_3 + Knowledge_3_1 OR
    Skill_3 + Knowledge_3_1 + Subknowledge_3_1_A

Real Example

Lets go for for the Fighting Skill. Since skills can be larger than 6, I don’t like them to get that much higher. So I have another house rule that states that when you have 6 in a skill, the next level must go into a Knowledge of that skill. Then the next level can go into the skill, then into a Knowledge, etc…

Let’s see what a powerful martial artist might look like:

Fighting-6, Unarmed-6 (KungFu-6 (FlyingJumpKick-2)), Beams-2

When this player is trying a Flying Jump Kick, they use Fighting + Unarmed + KungFu + FlyingJumpKick = 6 + 6 + 6 + 2 = 20, and that is just the C + S part of the equation.

However, Fighting covers all sorts of personal mayhem, including guns. And this player has the Beams knowledge (beam weapons) so if they were to use a laser pistol, their skill would be Fighting + Beams = 6 + 2 = 8. If they were to use a different type of gun, such as a revolver, they just use Fighting = 6. All of these are C + S values and get added to a characteristic such as Dexterity.

T5 Skills

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