Hyper Drive

So far, the Empire has discovered only two ways to enter Metaspace. The first is the Jump Drive, which was discovered before the Arkships left Earth. The second, which was discovered on Atherton shortly before the founding of the Empire is the Hyper Drive or H-Drive.

Unlike the J-Drive, the H-Drive allows the ship to steer in metaspace and to shorten or extend the trip as long as the ship has power. It is possible to detect realspace gravity while in H-Drive, but the detection is more difficult the more deeply one is in metaspace.

Like the J-Drive, the H-Drive uses the property that deeper layers of metaspace are “smaller” than the realspace so that deeper the ship goes the faster the ship appears to in realspace.

Unlike the J-Drive, the H-Drive has a “wall” at each level. The wall gets “steeper” the deeper one is trying to go; to go through the wall, the pilot must make succeed at a task of dice equal to the number of the “wall”.

Transitioning from realspace to metaspace-1 with H-Drive
Easy (1D) < Dex + Pilot (H-Drive)

Emerging from metaspace-1 to realspace with H-Drive
Easy (1D) < Dex + Pilot (H-Drive)

Transitioning from metaspace n to metaspace n + 1 with H-Drive
Variable ((n + 1)D) < Dex + Pilot (H-Drive)

Transitioning from metaspace n + 1 to metaspace n with H-Drive
Variable (nD) < Dex + Pilot (H-Drive)

Emergency emergence from metaspace N to realspace with H-Drive (Crashing the walls)
Variable ((N ^ 2)D) < Dex + Pilot (H-Drive)

Hyper Drive

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