How Good Are You In A Fight

  1. Brawling
  2. Martial Arts Modifications
  3. Gun fighting


For the three following, the C + S + K is STR + Fighting + Unarmed. If one of the characters has a knowledge of Unarmed, such as a martial art of some kind, that may be added in.

This is useful for a quick abstraction as to who won a quick, fairly friendly brawl, where nobody is going to pull out a gun or other trick.

Determining the outcome of a barroom brawl in one step
Difficult (3D) < Str + Fighting + Unarmed
Opposed (up to 4)
All losers get 2D hits and are down. The winner gets none.

The winner is the character who has the lowest successful roll. (Note that anybody who has a C + K < 3 has to roll 4 dice because of the “This is Hard!” rule; however everything else is the same. For instance, if three people with C + S + K = 7, 18, and 30 are in the fight and they roll:

Skill Roll Outcome
7 9 Loss
18 10 Win
30 12 Loss

The martial artist with 30 loses even though his roll is successful because the fighter with an 18 rolled lower. This is where the YKFIW rule helps because it makes everybody roll more dice and the martial artist with 30 can afford to roll more dice than the rest and still be successful.

If, on the other hand, none of the characters were successful, then everybody rolls again.

This is a more detailed version where it goes round by round.

Determining the outcome of one round of a brawl or physical fight
Difficult (3D) < Str + Fighting + Unarmed
Opposed (up to 6)
The loser gets 2D hits and is down. The winners gets none.

In this fight, we need to determine a loser rather than a winner. The loser is the character who rolled the highest unsuccessful roll. If all characters succeeded, then the loser is the one that rolled the highest. If two characters rolled the same and are both successful or both unsuccessful then there are two losers.

Sometimes you want all the details.

Determining the outcome of a brawl the long way
Difficult (3D) < Str + Fighting + Unarmed
Opposed (up to 4)
The loser gets 2D hits. The others get none.

Martial Arts Modifications

Yes, there are characters who are just better than others at fighting Unarmed combat. For the sake of the rules, I call any character who has any Unarmed knowledge a martial artist. In addition, there may be sub-knowledges of Unarmed that are added to Unarmed when fighting. These might be: Kung Fu, Punch, Kick, or anything that extends the Unarmed knowledge for this specific roll.

When martial artists fight with their Unarmed + sub-knowledges they have the option of using DEX rather than STR, even though brawling calls for STR + Fighting + Unarmed.

So a character could use DEX + Fighting + Unarmed + Kung Fu + Punch if he were punching somebody.

Gun Combat

The basic roll for gun combat is:

Determining if a character hits while shooting a gun
Difficult (3D) < DEX + Fighting + (One of: Beams, Slug Throwers, or Sprays)
If successful, target takes damage from the gun.

Note, at the moment I don’t have sub-knowledges of guns because nobody has asked me for any.

How Good Are You In A Fight

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