The blaster is the most powerful energy weapon available in the Empire. It fires a bright burst of energy (visible even in vaccum). Its effect on matter is similar to a shaped charge explosion.


Blasters are illegal for personal use on all Incorporated systems. They are illegal in many parts of most member systems. Most Crown Systems allow blasters.

Blasters are one of the main weapons of the Imperial Marine Service as well as the Emperor’s Guard.

Types of Blasters

The standard civilian versions of blasters fire a 0.1 second pulse.

Beam blasters are strictly military or police weapons.

Civilian Blasters

The standard civilian blasters fire a 0.1 second pulse.

Pulse Blaster blast-2 burn-2 pen-2
Heavy Pulse Blaster blast-3 burn-2 pen-2
Pulse Blast Rifle blast-3 burn-2 pen-3

Military Blasters

These are beam blasters, but the handgun versions are prone to heat damage unless watched closely.

Heavy Blaster blast-3 burn-3 pen-3
Blast Rifle blast-3 burn-3 pen-5


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