Sister Moon

A tall long-haired redhead with a hippy philosophy and a normally calm personality.


Crew Position — Astrogator/Alchemist
Archetype — Wild Magic Woman

Description: The woman calling herself Sister Moon is a tall (1.8 meters) beautiful woman with long red hair often braided in intricate patterns. She is the most serene person that most people have ever seen, and she is willing to play the peacemaker.

Sister Moon is a very skilled astrogator, and is sometimes able to plot a course faster than the computer system. She is also an alchemist, though she hasn’t done anything other than small tricks (winding light/fire around her fingers, tracking down lost objects with magic, and one time lighting the candles for the fancy dinner after the ship finally started on its voyage.

Sister Rose will teach a yoga class for anybody who wishes to learn.


On the ship’s computer, you will find that she was taught alchemy by the School of the Silver Rose, but somehow failed her initiation rites. A few more minutes of research finds some interesting things:

  • Unlike most schools of alchemy, The School of the Silver Rose doesn’t accept anybody over 8 and usually 6 is old for them.
  • She has probably been studying with them for the entire time.
  • Nobody fails the initiation rights of that school or they don’t survive to tell of it.
  • Sister Moon doesn’t have her certification for alchemy nor astrogation.
  • The School of the Silver Rose is a large collection of schools, and they are known for astrogation and combat alchemy. They supply more combat alchemists to the Imperial forces than most of the other schools combined. Everybody would like to hire one for navigation alone.
  • Alchemists of the School of the Silver Rose wear a round gem embedded in their forehead; Sister Rose doesn’t have one.

Sister Moon

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