Jakii Sparkles

Short, slim, brunette, female.


Archetype: Trickster/Warrior
Crew Position: Trader/Owner

Undercover Identity: Jakii Sparkles, Gem Dealer (Fence)
Real Identity: High Dame Jakilinne Keene, Order of the Mirrored Box, Star of the Empire, Emperor’s Honor.

Age: Undercover 120 (Real age is 301 years)
Birthdate: FR 3008-356 (there was a gap of almost 1800 years in there)


Jakii appeared about 100 years ago as the apprentice of Hirim Zelbanathii of the same profession who was getting long in the tooth by then. Originally it appeared that young Jakii was called Jak until she became too old to look like a boy. Her territory is around the spinward rim of the Empire. She has a reputation for being a master judge of jewelry/gems and a pretty good judge of other stolen goods.

She has been operating this territory for about 80, since Hirim retired.

In reality, she is High Dame Jakilinne Keenen, the Raven Knight, the Knight of Harlequin, and a member of The Order of the Mirrored Box (the troubleshooters of the Emperor). She has been charged with the task of finding the secrets of the “The 2nd Republic of Humanity.”

Jakii Sparkles

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