The Blakenridge Triad

The Blakenridge Triad is a small federation of only three systems, each of which only has one planet that is populated, though there is some asteroid mining.

One of the things that makes the Triad unique is that the Triad can produce a small amount of extremely high quality goods at TL-16, but there is little major industry on the apparent. Most of the production is made in literal cottage industries, where families produce goods as they have for centuries.

The government is led by a Triad Council composed of 7 members from each system. The Council Head of the Triad Council is elected for a seven year term from one of their number. Each system has their own Council, as do smaller areas of each system. Each Council also acts as a court system, though there is surprising little litigation.

When the Blakenridge Triad was absorbed into the Empire, the Triad Council Head agreed to do so under the condition that the Triad had complete political and economic sovereignty. This agreement allows a small Imperial Embassy on the planet Tamaqua (the one with the largest population), and an Imperial tribute. The Imperial Ambassador may advice the Triad Council on Imperial matters, but that is the limit of his official powers.

The worlds of the Blakenridge Triad are:

The Blakenridge Triad

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