William Ackerman

Handsome, but a bit geeky.


Education: Imperial Naval Academy.

  1. Degree: Master of Sciences: Information Analysis and Management (with post graduate work).
  2. Thesis: (SECRET).
  3. Abstract: (SECRET).


  1. Navy (Terms: 1, Rank: Ensign IN01).
  2. Functionary (Terms: 5, Rank: Assistant Director).

Items: TL 15 personalized Vacc Suit, very nice personal comm unit, powerful secure datapad, pocket laser pistol (1d pen + 2d heat), fancy dagger


He formerly worked as an analyst for the Imperial Naval Intelligence Department.

  • It is in the Imperial Naval Academy that William began his career in the intelligence business. The subject of his Midshipman’s thesis is secret and very few outside the intelligence community have read it. After his graduation, his record can be followed to Imperial Navy’s BurPer and from there it disappears int0 the murky void of the Naval Bureaucracy.
  • His personnel file records that he served in the Imperial Navy for 5 1/2 Terms (serving in the Naval Bureaucracy). What is know is that he served five and an half Terms as an Imperial Functionary (being promoted each Term) before being suddenly mustered out in the middle of his sixth Term.

William Ackerman

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