Viva Alazar

Undescribable, and yet, there's something about her that screams 'indescribable!'


Viva went to the Imperial Naval Academy, graduated with honors (8 years).

She then went on to two terms (16 years) in the Imperial Navy as an officer, seeing a bit of action.

Then she changed careers (voluntarily) to become a free trader, where she had six terms (48 years), then she quit at the rank of master captain. She has enough saved in bonds to buy a really nice small merchant ship, but was on Burrows anyway so she thought she’d see what this was about.

She is somebody that would keep with things as long as they were interesting which is why she had a wide range of skills.

Basically Viva is perfect for running a ship. She can handle almost any posting, and has a very high leadership score.


Viva Alazar lives just as her name implies, “viva al azar,” living at random. According to her mother’s mother, Viva was born of ancient blood. Blood that Viva just as soon let, and let the ancients have back. She doesn’t have much call for moldy old gods and ancient secrets. She brushed the dust of that old town off her boots long ago.

She’s tough, dedicated but has no problem moving on when the luster is lost. That’s a good thing, too, since ‘acquiring’ is her first love. If it sparkles, it catches her interest. If it catches her interest, she gets ta’ hankerin’ for it. But it’s not the done she wants, it’s the deed. So, once she acquires her object of note, she trades up and moves on to another. And that’s all right with her.

Don’t let her looks fool ya. She’s a bit thick in the waist, high in the top and her finely chiselled inferior may take awhile to leave the room, but she’s solid gold. She’s a decent flyer, a decent cook, she don’t do windows, but holds her own pretty well in a fight. And if she don’t fair well in that fight, she’s a decent sawbones too. Just don’t come whining to her about yer toothache. She’s likely to take yer head off to get the tooth out.

Viva Alazar

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