• Cats


    A clutter of 9 cats.
  • GEAR


    The Engineer
  • Jeremy Ring

    Jeremy Ring

    Male, average looking, brown hair with a slight wave, hazel eyes
  • Professor Inno Ekkivanen

    Professor Inno Ekkivanen

    Inno Ekkivanen is tall and was once well built, but is now verging on portly. He usually wears a pin-striped suit and expensive-looking business attire. On his infrequent exercise jaunts he wears O’Donnell Institute Sweats – the O’Donnell is a prestigio
  • Treco Binus

    Treco Binus

    Male, big and strong
  • Udzoe


    A female Vargr, about 30.
  • Viva Alazar

    Viva Alazar

    Undescribable, and yet, there's something about her that screams 'indescribable!'
  • William Ackerman

    William Ackerman

    Handsome, but a bit geeky.
  • Dr. Sherman Wison

    Dr. Sherman Wison

    Slim, short, glasses, with a large blue macaw with him always.
  • Jakii Sparkles

    Jakii Sparkles

    Short, slim, brunette, female.
  • Jeane Thellee

    Jeane Thellee

    Tall, Beautiful, Quick, Deadly
  • Sister Moon

    Sister Moon

    A tall long-haired redhead with a hippy philosophy and a normally calm personality.