Trouble Beyond the Borders

A Sleazy Joint, With Dogs

The date is PE 0467-242, the system and planet are called Burrows. It’s not an interesting planet as such go, most of the people live underground in, well, burrows.

The startown is in a large underground bubble, hollowed out with a thermal bomb, with an artificial sun above. The Purple Palace is in the middle part of startown, bad enough that if you have to leave late you should have an escort, but good enough that you can probably trust the escort. The hat-check girl also checks weapons, as most weapons are forbidden in this joint, though not in the startown generally. And yes, they have a detector, ever since they lost three “companions” to a traveling preacher.

At this time of evening, the first floor is roughly split in half with the right half made into a bar and the left half set up for dinner. The dinner is actually edible and fairly inexpensive, so you might want to eat here. Later, the bar takes over most of the dinner area and a small stage for live music and even a small dance floor. The music is cheap and the booze is expensive and bad, so you might not want to drink here. The second floor is where the “companions” do their business (after an obligatory two drinks for both of you).

You do notice that several other people other than yourself are merely checking the place out also.

Cats, cats, and more cats!
Meet the Felines

[The cats don’t notice anything now while the ship’s airlock is open. However, there has been times in the past on large stations where you notice that some shielding around power plants and such can partially block the “signal.” No rodent smell, but interesting food smells from a dinner last night. There might be some leftovers if they haven’t fully cleaned up.]

Sister Moon bows deeply before Jakii. “I have brought you a man whose mind and soul have been impressed on a clutter of cats. I had a hunch that they might be useful to you.”


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