Trouble Beyond the Border

A Few Arias of a Much Larger Space Opera

This is a play-by-post science fiction campaign set in a part of the universe far from Earth. The rules will be a variant of Traveller 5 (though you don’t need to own Traveller or Traveller 5 to play, you may understand the rules better), and questions about them can be asked in the forum section.

It is the date 0467-159, and the fence Jakii Sparkles has just turned 301, though she doesn’t look a day over 30. Actually Jakii Sparkles is an illusion, as she’s an undercover identity of former Imperial Department of Justice Agent High Dame Jaqalinne Keenan who is now a special troubleshooter for the Emperor himself. She is putting together a special team who will be undercover as smugglers in order to help with her investigations. She is looking for a group that will help her investigate the newest and most important mystery.

The Phoenix Empire is expanding, but now it has run into something it has never seen before: another interstellar government that claims to be the official descendent of the Republic of Humanity. If this is true, then there is a chance that many rim worlds will defect to the Republic and that new worlds will be reluctant to join the Empire. Will there be war? The report that the players will send back may be the deciding factor.

The campaign is an investigation of the secrets of the so-called “Republic” by a trusted representative of the Emperor. The characters will have a fast and powerful ship. They will be undercover as smugglers and free traders (though sometimes the differences between the two aren’t much, especially beyond the rim).

A fuller history is in the Wiki.

The themes of this campaign are justice and identity.

If you wish to join this campaign, please send me a private message. Character needed is an Engineer. I have one pre-rolled, but am willing to negotiate.

Legal Stuff…
“The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977 – 2008 Far Future Enterprises.”

Trouble Beyond the Borders

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