Dr. Sherman Wison

Slim, short, glasses, with a large blue macaw with him always.


Dr. Wilson is a thin man, almost emaciated, a bit shorter than average. His clothing is a bit worn and not the latest fashion, and he wears things not always meant to be worn together. He is almost a stereotypical scientist.

He has two “pet” dogs (imagine a Newfie crossed with a poodle – Newferdoodles, about 20% taller than a wolf hound), one black (Nixie) and the other brown (Pixie). They are either extraordinarily well trained or much smarter than the average. There is also a blue hyacinth macaw (Peabody) which might be a Blue Death.

He has two staterooms with the wall knocked out between them where he has a laboratory with animals and odd equipment.

He’s normally quiet, but confident. He walks with a cane with a large glass gem on top.

Peabody: A large macaw with some of the Blue Death modifications, but he puts out an anesthetic rather than a poison (MSA – Multi-Species Anesthetic) and he has the same longevity treatment that Dr. Wison has. Peabody is almost 2,000 years old.

Nixie and Pixie: These two dogs have also been genetically engineered for intelligence and telepathy. They have a Mental Strength of D and a few skills: Sense Danger, and Stop That!. Before attacking physically, they will use their telepathic attack. Despite their intelligence (around that of a 6-year old human), they are still dogs.


Dr. Sherman Wison

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