Jeane Thellee

Tall, Beautiful, Quick, Deadly


Archetype: Protector
Crew Position: Jakii’s Bodyguard/Gunner

Age: 72

Jeane is an expert fighter with anything from her bare hands to blasters. She obviously has a military background; it’s ingrained in her. She is also extremely dedicated to keeping Jakii safe.

Her main weapons are a pair of rather large blasters holstered at her side.

She can handle many jobs on a star ship: comms, sensors, gunner, and computer. In her spare time, she writes and plays music on her data pad.

She has two data jacks on each side of her upper neck.


Real History

Jeane went into the Marines and spent her service time there, eventually becoming a sniper, and then as part of a Recon Squad. She re-uped and several years into her term she received an invitation to join the Emperor’s Guard, which she took. The first two years were among the hardest she’s ever had. They augmented her as much as they could, built her battle armor, and then trained her more than she’d ever been trained before.

Jeane thrived on this. She fought in several parts of the Empire, and was eventually offered the assignment to protect the Raven Knight. She took this gladly, and is now Oathsworn to Viva.

Undercover History

The same except that instead of being cherry-picked away from the marines, she deserted and became a criminal mercenary.

Jeane Thellee

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